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Midtarsal joint sprain

A midtarsal joint sprain describes a painful twisting injury to a joint in the foot known as the midtarsal joint; this is the joint that connects the rearfoot to midfoot.

What is a midtarsal joint sprain?

A sprained midtarsal joint describes an injury to the midtarsal joint that is caused by a violent strain or twist of the ligaments that hold the joint together. The midtarsal joint (also known as Choparts joint) is made up of the talus and the calcaneus (these form the rear of the foot), and the navicular and cuboid (these form part of the midfoot). The midtarsal joint is therefore the joint between the rearfoot and the midfoot.

What causes a sprain of the midtarsal joint?

A midtarsal joint sprain is rare. When a sprain of the midtarsal joint is observed this is typically in those involved in sports, for example; gymnastics and football. Sometimes the midtarsal joint is sprained as a result of overuse and repetitive strain and may be related to poor foot and lower limb mechanics, for example, having flat feet.

What are the signs and symptoms of midtarsal joint sprain?

The signs and symptoms of a midtarsal joint sprain include:

  • Pain that is:
    • Worse when the foot is bent inwards
    • Felt on the outside of the foot, in the middle
    • Usually made worse when pressure is applied to the joint (e.g. when walking etc.)
  • Aching
  • Swelling

How is a midtarsal joint sprain diagnosed?

One of our podiatrists will be able to diagnose a midtarsal joint based on the signs and symptoms and an examination of the joint. Sometimes an X-ray may be required to confirm a midtarsal joint sprain and to rule out a fracture.

Benefit of podiatry for midtarsal joint sprain

The benefits that can be obtained following podiatry intervention for a midtarsal joint sprain include:

  • Improved foot function
  • Improved gait
  • Decrease in pain and inflammation
  • Increase in muscle strength
  • Decrease in muscle tightness
  • Increase in joint motion
  • Joint stabilisation
Podiatric benefits for a midtarsal joint sprain occur using a variety of treatment methods and are achieved by reducing inflammation, and therefore pain, and by improving foot and lower limb function.

What would podiatry for a midtarsal joint sprain involve?

A visit to would begin firstly with a thorough medical history. Our podiatrists will then diagnose a midtarsal joint sprain based on the physical signs and symptoms, your account of the problem, and an examination of the midtarsal joint. Treatment for midtarsal joint sprain may include:


A midtarsal joint sprain is quite an unusual injury, one that is typically seen in gymnasts. A sprained midtarsal joint will produce painful symptoms on the outside of the mid-foot. More often than not a person with a midtarsal joint sprain will have twisted the foot prior to symptoms appearing.

It is important to treat a midtarsal joint sprain appropriately, as not doing so can lead to long term damage.

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