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Sweaty feet

Children who have sweaty feet have feet that perspire. Sweating is a normal bodily function that helps the body to cool down when it gets hot. The feet have lots of sweat glands, and sometimes the amount of sweat produced is more than is needed to cool down. When the body produces too much sweat it is referred to as hyperhidrosis.

If your child has sweaty feet podiatry can help by assessing your child in order to assess if the amount of sweat they are producing is normal. If necessary a treatment plan can be devised in order to resolve the problem, which may involve referral to other medical professionals.

What causes sweaty feet in children?

A child's foot may sweat for a number of reasons, for example:

  • Heat
  • Activity
  • Synthetic socks and footwear

Some children may experience excessive sweating due to problem with their sympathetic nervous system. A role of the sympathetic nervous system is the regulation the body's temperature. If there is a problem with the sympathetic nervous system the body may produce a greater amount of sweat than that which is needed to cool down. Those children who have a problem with their temperature regulation will often have sweaty palms of hands or other areas of the body as well.

What are the signs and symptoms of sweaty feet in children?

The signs and symptoms of sweaty feet in children may include one or more of the following:

  • Socks that need changing frequently throughout the day due to dampness
  • Damp or wet feet
  • Athletes foot
  • The sweat may be accompanied with an odour
  • Corns nay develop in between the toes
  • The skin on the sole of the foot may appear pitted
  • Your child may find it difficult to be bear-foot on a hard floor as they may slip due to sweaty feet.

How are sweaty feet diagnosed?

At we will easily be able to tell you if your child has sweaty feet, and whether or not this is excessive. The diagnosis is based on a thorough history, any signs and symptoms, and an examination of the feet.

Benefits of Podiatry for a child with sweaty feet

Podiatric benefits may be gained through a combination of advice and education regarding footwear and hosiery, as well as the best products to alleviate any signs of excessive sweating at the feet.

Benefits include:

  • Reduction in perspiration
  • Removal of corns
  • Improvement in odour
  • Improvement in skin condition
  • Improvement in comfort
  • Improvement in fungal infections that may have developed as a result

If your child has sweaty feet and you are concerned then a visit to will benefit your child.

What would podiatry for my child's sweaty feet involve?

If your child has sweaty feet it is first necessary to establish if this is excessive, or if it is attributed to a dysfunction of the sympathetic nervous system. The first stage is an assessment, where we obtain a thorough history, which includes a medical history and a history of the problem, and how it is impacting your child.

Following the assessment a treatment plan will be put into place if necessary. Sometimes small lifestyle changes can have a big impact on sweaty feet, and these will be discussed with you in the consultation.


Sweaty feet are feet that become damp due to perspiration. It is normal for the feet to sweat a little, as this is how the feet cool down, for some children however the amount of sweat produced may appear excessive. If your child has excessively sweaty feet it may prevent them from participating in certain activities, or may make certain activities difficult. A child that has sweaty feet is more at risk of fungal infections, athlete's foot, and odour.

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