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Foot pain

Foot pain in children is quite common, and often the pain is temporary, lasting only a few days. If your child is complaining of foot pain and this pain has been going on for a week or more, then the cause of the pain needs to be established. Our podiatrists here at are university trained in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of paediatric conditions affecting the leg and foot. Our podiatrists will assess your child in order to ascertain the cause of your child's foot pain so that an appropriate treatment plan can be put into place, and your child's painful symptoms reduced.

Foot pain in children

Foot pain in children presents as a feeling of discomfort or pain anywhere in the foot or the surrounding area, this includes the heel, toes and ankle. Quite often foot pain in children is at the site of the heel, however foot pain may be felt anywhere in the foot or ankle. It is important to note that if your child's foot pain is the result of trauma or a penetrating wound then this needs to be assessed at a walk in centre or A & E. If after the wound or injury has healed and your child is still experiencing pain, or if there is a change in your child's walking style then this can be assessed by one of our podiatrist here at

What causes foot pain in children?

There is no single cause of foot pain in children, many conditions can present as pain in the foot. The site of pain in your child's foot gives a good indication to the cause, for example:

Arch pain

Mid foot pain

Heel pain

Forefoot pain

Toe pain

What are the signs and symptoms of foot pain in children?

The signs and symptoms of foot pain in children may include:

  • Limping
  • Not wanting to wear certain shoes
  • Wanting the feet rubbed
  • Not wanting to walk
  • Stopping sports or certain activities
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Difficulty moving the foot/toes in certain positions due to discomfort or pain

A child that is experiencing any one of the above symptoms would benefit from an assessment with one of our podiatrists at

How is foot pain in children diagnosed?

Our podiatrists are able to assess, diagnose, and treat a variety of paediatric conditions affecting the leg and foot. Your child's foot pain will be diagnosed based on a thorough history, the signs and symptoms and an examination of the foot.

Benefits of podiatry for a child that has foot pain

If your child has foot pain that has lasted more than a week then podiatry may be able to help you. Podiatry can benefit a child with foot pain by:

  • Reducing painful symptoms
  • Improving gait
  • Improving foot and leg function
  • Improving muscle strength
  • Improving muscle flexibility

The podiatric benefits achieved through podiatric intervention depend on the exact cause of the foot pain.

What would podiatry for my child's foot pain involve?

A visit to begins with a thorough history taking. The history is very important as it will provide vital clues that will aid the podiatrist in their diagnosis. Once a history has been obtained our podiatrist will assess your child's foot, and if necessary have a look at your child walking (gait analysis). Once a diagnosis for your child's foot pain has been established, treatment options will be discussed.

Treatment for foot pain in children depends very much on the cause. Possible treatment options for your child's foot pain may include:

The treatment most appropriate for your child will vary according to the cause of the pain. All treatments will be explained in full before commencement.


Foot pain in children is common and often goes away after a couple of days. If your child's foot pain is persistent, the cause of this pain needs to be established.

If your child has foot pain visit one of our podiatrists here at Our podiatrists at are trained in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a number of paediatric conditions affecting the foot and leg.

Our podiatrists will be happy to discuss any concerns with you and devise an appropriate treatment plan specific to your child.

To arrange to see one of our podiatrists please Email or call 0330 088 4222.

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