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PACT® med fungal nail therapy

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Med fungal Nail Therapy

What is PACT® med fungal nail therapy?

PACT® med fungal nail therapy is an approach for the treatment of fungal nails of the toes and fingers. The PACT® Nail Fungus Gel is applied to the nails which makes the fungus susceptible to the PACT® lamp, this is then focussed onto the nail which destroys the fungal cells, allowing a new healthy nail to grow out. This treatment is painless and safe.

How does it work?

The two main components of this treatment are the PACT® high-power LED lamp and PACT® Nail Fungus Gel (photosensitiser). The PACT® Nail Fungus Gel is applied to each nail for 10 minutes, this makes the fungal cell walls susceptible to the high wavelength of light to be applied, it does not affect human cells.

The PACT® Lamp is focussed on the affected nail which kills the fungus. As it is targeted towards fungal cells, no skin or nail is damaged in the process.

The PACT Lamp being used on a patient.

Who is it suitable for?

Those with a fungal toenail which is classified as mild to moderately infected. If the fungal infection is penetrating past the cuticle (matrix/nail root) area the effectiveness is significantly reduced. This is because there is a good portion of nail which is unseen, and lies beneath and proximal to the cuticle, this means the light cannot penetrate this area of infected nail.


Prior to treatment an assessment is required with a podiatrist to confirm the diagnosis and determine the severity and extent of infection. At the assessment any relevant medical/social history will be noted and all treatment options will be discussed, to ensure that PACT® med fungal nail therapy is suitable. The podiatrist may need to confirm the problematic nail is fungal in nature, this involves taking nail samples for microscopy and culture analysis, although often visual diagnosis and history is sufficient.

If the PACT treatment is indicated, the podiatrist will reduce the thickness of the affected nails with a podiatry nail drill. This is to remove as much infected tissue as possible and aid penetration of the treatment.

After nail reduction, PACT® med fungal nail therapy therapy can begin at the next session, PACT® Nail Fungus Gel is applied to the nail for ten minutes, then the PACT® Lamp focusing beams of high wavelength light are directed onto the infected nail.

A minimum of five treatments are required, the first three are within a one-week period, then the following month, and then two months, some people may require further treatments. The cost and length of each treatment is dependent on how many nails are affected


It is important an aftercare regime is followed before, during and after treatment to prevent the risk of reinfection. The nail fungus should be treated from all aspects apart from the nail, as fungus can be present on the skin, shoes and clothes. The podiatrist will thoroughly explain the measures to put in place to help prevent this at your assessment.

Any side effects?

There are no known contraindications therefore all ages may undergo treatment. It is not recommended for use in pregnancy. Some patients report a slight tingling during/shortly after treatment, but this is not painful. The blue gel can stain the nail slightly.

Further treatment options include;

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A foot before treatment. A foot before treatment.

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