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Verruca Needling

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Verruca Needling

What is Verruca Needling?

Verruca needling is a treatment option used for persistent verrucae that are not responding to other treatments. It is around 70% effective six months post procedure which is higher than many other verruca treatment options.

What does the verruca needling procedure involve?

The following procedure will be followed during verruca needling treatment; treatment;

  • The site is numbed prior to the needling usually using one injection of local anaesthetic.
  • Once the area is numb, a sterile needle is used to repeatedly perforate the lesion (only the largest / most painful verruca needs to be needled), creating local destruction of skin cells and pushing the infected cells into the deeper layers of the skin.
  • A dressing is then applied once the procedure is complete.
  • You will then be booked for a follow up appointment with the podiatrist so we can assess the remaining scab and provide any advice which may be required.
  • We then review you 6 months later to assess the results

How does verruca needling work?

Verruca Needling works by causing what is known as a cell-mediated immune response at the affected area.

Needling works by causing what is known as a cell-mediated immune response at the affected area. Verrucae are formed because of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which infects the epidermis (the most outer layer of the skin), because of this, it sometimes does not stimulate an immune response from the body. Needling pushes the viral cells into the deeper dermal layer of the skin, where immune cells are present in higher numbers, triggering an immune response targeting the verrucae directly. The antibodies that are produced because of this fight the infection, meaning that the lesion then begins to deteriorate and regress before eventually disappearing.

What are the benefits of verruca needling?

The following are some of the advantages of receiving verruca needling treatment;

  • Compared to alternative treatments like acids, caustics, and cryotherapy, this procedure boasts a higher success rate.
  • Following the initial injection of local anesthetic, the procedure becomes virtually painless.
  • Typically, the procedure is a one-time affair, resulting in fewer clinic visits and less time commitment on your part.
  • Thanks to the immune response it triggers, this method often clears all verrucae, even those not directly treated. In contrast, surgical excision only removes the specific verruca targeted for removal. For instance, needling a verruca on the foot can lead to the eradication of verrucae on the hands as well.
  • This treatment demands less self-maintenance, eliminating the need for regular filing or the application of medications required by other treatments.

What other treatments are available that could help?

Verruca Needling is a more invasive procedure performed under local anaesthetic and it is therefore not suitable for everyone. We require you to first book for a consultation where we can determine your suitability. If you are, for some reason, not suitable, we have many other treatment options available. Some examples are listed below.

Please enquire with our office with regards to which practitioner is available to provide needling if you wish to have this treatment prior to booking, as not all podiatrists are qualified to perform this procedure.

Please see our brochure here for more details

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